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Our Photobooth

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We are very thoughtful with our process, equipment, and staff to ensure the highest quality output via an easy-yet-customizable experience for each client. Our modern and small footprint machines compliment well at various event types and spaces.


Pairing the unique pro-grade DSLR cameras with a keen eye in photography, we quietly strive for the perfect lighting, color, and composition.  

Our machines have additional features such as head-tilting for various attendee heights and zooming ability for larger crowds. Our photos print instantaneously and our premium photo paper will not fade!

Cleanliness and safety are important to us. Props are washed and replaced frequently.  Wires are tucked away or under safety mats. Our staff stocks and maintains the booth routinely during your event, even servicing the scrapbook if you wish to order one through us. 

After the event, we continue to service you and your guests to retrieve your memories! The galleries and links are easily accessible for unlimited downloads!

Need 360 cam style photobooth? See the next page!

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