"How does one choose a photobooth company?

  • 1. Check their reviews.
    - Opinion of others who booked their service will give you a better sense of what you can get with them. 
    2. Check the quality of photos.
    - You have to know the tools that they use. Are they using an iPad or a high quality DSLR? Your photos are the long lasting memories printed on photo paper, so they should be captured in a high quality camera. 
    3. Find out who is running the booth. 
    - Is it a paid college kid or a professional photographer that can troubleshoot or make adjustments onsite?
    4. Make sure they have insurance and proper business documentation.
    - Most venues requires insurance and documentation in case anything goes wrong. 
    5. Read the Fine print. 
    - That deal looks great but sometimes these low price deals come with risks and end up costing you sour memories at your most important event, thus and end up costing more.

"What differentiates TheSDPhotoGuys from other photobooth companies?"

  • With an extensive background in wedding photography, we understand the importance of image quality, reliability, and the proper handling on our clients' most important day! We use pro-level Canon cameras and flashes in all our photobooths units, providing beautiful, studio-like outputs that last. We monitor and adjust the lighting and color throughout your events. Our competitors often use iPads, tablets, or consumer-grade cameras "just to get the job done". 

  • Our well-trained operators and staff are upbeat, fun, professional, and respectful of all guests.  We aim to provide a holistic, memorable experience from the moment you contact us!

  • We wash our props!

  • We have been hand-selected as a Preferred Vendor at many popular venues and restaurants throughout San Diego.

  • We are properly licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We have certificates and documentations ready for your venues, upon request.

"What services do you provide?"

"Great! We have decided to go with you. How do we reserve?"

  • Contact us via the "Book Us" tab! We'll respond ASAP with availability, quote, and the contract. We'll just need the signed contract back & a 25% deposit to reserve.

"What payment types do you accept?"

  • We accept all popular and verified methods of payments: Venmo (best), Chase Quick Pay, Zelle, Credit Card, Check or Cash.

"What do you include?"

  • For simplicity and completeness, we offer our all-inclusive package to everyone. The only difference is the number of hours. Here is the inclusive list of perks:

- Modern, sleek open-air photobooth kiosk

- "One-Touch" automated and Live LCD

- HIGHEST QUALITY prints come out within 10 seconds

- Unlimited usage during contracted hours

- Large box of WASHED/SANITIZED props, table, and colored backdrop

- Trained full-time attendant (always!)

- Early set up and late dismantle

- FREE: custom-designed template

- FREE: Website gallery

- FREE: Thumb drive USB.

Optional add ons:

- Scrapbooking (comes with covered table, markers, glue and assistant)

- Power generator for remote areas or outdoor

- Various album sizes

- Magnet strips

- Acrylic photo displays

- Green screen, GIF, boomerang or animations

"How many guests can fit in your photobooth?"

  • Since we supply the modern open-air photobooths, we can accommodate as many guests as can fit between the camera and the backdrop! We suggest 1-10 people. Since our package includes "unlimited sessions", additional guests can go multiple rounds.

"Can you accommodate guests of different heights?"

  • Yes! We purposely have higher-end photobooth kiosks with an easy tilting mechanism to accommodate guests of various heights and body builds! This will alleviate the need for stools and chairs for children as a safety concern.

"Can you send photos via emails or texts immediately?"

  • Yes! We use the latest software which includes email and texting capabilities, upon request. However, since we would need to rely on a third-party WiFi connection, we suggest printing on-site. All images will be posted within 24 hours and emailed you, or when WiFi is available. All printed photos have a photo number and a link to direct your guests.

"When do you arrive to our event for set up?"

  • We arrive about 1 hour early to ensure sufficient time for set up and testing. Approximately 30 minutes prior to breakdown, we will remind you or the DJ as a courtesy. Break down takes about 30-45 minutes after our contracted time.  We can accommodate idle time upon request. 

"Can you provide proof of your business license and insurance liability upon request?"

  • Yes! We are properly licensed and insured for your peace of mind. We have certificates and documentations ready for your venues, upon request.

"Do you have a photoobooth attendant, or is the kiosk unattended?"

  •  Yes! We ALWAYS have a trained staff at your events. For the purpose of professionalism, safety, and customer service, we will always be there with you. 

"There is a price range online, but how can we get specific pricing?"

  • For the best value, all of our pricing is customized: based on your needs, location, and date. We will respond right away! We promise our pricing is very affordable! We often include discounts without your asking. Our add-on products are often at-cost with no mark ups.

"Do you travel?"

  •  Yes! With a small travel fee calculate during booking, we will happily accommodate events throughout Southern California. There are no hidden fees. 

"What do you require of us on-sight?"

  •  At the event location, we require an area of about 10'x10' ft, ideally indoor or covered, and within 25 ft of an electrical outlet. Please contact us of any required accommodations.

"What happens if you cannot attend our event due to emergencies?"

  •  Of our 10 years of wedding photography and photobooth experience, we proudly brag that we have never missed a client's scheduled event! However, we understand emergencies can happen. We have several units on standby with extra staffing. If in the unfortunate event we could not attend and deemed we are at fault, we would happily refund you 100%, including your deposit.

"How do we contact you if we have additional questions?"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)