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Real Photographers

 Licensed and Insured

San Diego, OC, and LA

 Perfect 5 Stars (100+) Yelp!


Our 360 videos booths are perfect for celebrations or promoting brand awareness.

We have a steady stream of corporate clients based on our team's reliability and consistency.

We would love to serve you as well.

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10 Questions to ask when shopping for a photo booth provider:

  1. Amazing Client Reviews?

  2. Proof of Insurance/Business License?

  3. Easy booking process?

  4. Crisp Image Quality?

  5. Professionals with photography experience?

  6. Electrical or no tripping hazards? We have wireless power!

  7. Back up the equipment?

  8. Communicative and friendly?

  9. Flexible to accommodate surprises?

  10. Transparent and no hidden fees?

We can say Yes to all above which makes our packages incredibly valuable to you

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